Yes, We Are Back! We Are KingdomMarket


 You can damage our palisades but you`re never gonna bring down the Kingdom and our determination…

 We`re fully back and even more stronger than before and more eager to build powerful community, fighting for the freedom of DarkWeb World with rights to be valued as human being behind screens who can feel that belongs to the community and we won`t let him down.

 Lately we can observe a boom of ddosing various markets and even Dread forum was under ddos attack which we found as good and trusted source of useful information. And they were trying to take them down as well.

 Whatever dark force is behind these massive attacks, here's our message - the KingdomMarket team will always try to transparently inform our members about any problems we may potentially face in the future and of course try to find the fastest and most effective solutions while maintaining the safety of our community.

 We already proved this week that we are a reliable partner when, despite the attacks, we provided all services via the I2P network. All functions were active, including withdrawals. With this, we proved that we are not going anywhere and we mean it. During the week, we managed to prepare two temporary onion mirrors which did fall under attack within 24 hours of their introduction.

 And we have been proving our reliability for almost two years, not with words, but with accomplishments. In this direction we will continue to build our kingdom following the example of a ginat as WHM was.

 Thank you for the support from all our members who stood behind us during the attacks. Once again, a big THANK YOU.

 For those who humiliated us or wished us only bad spirit, we still love you, you have the right to express your attitude. Even not everyone likes us, we are respecting everyone's opinion. This can give us the drive to be even better.

 We are launching new rotating mirrors that will be sufficient protection against future attacks. We will also gradually launch premium private mirrors, which you will be able to purchase directly from our market.

You can find our new rotating mirrors at this address

and you can still use I2P mirrors:



 We want to apologize to every client who could not get to the market the week. We have been working really hard to bring the market back online through the tor network.

Currently we are operating with lower number of addresses in pool, which can lead in small outages, however in following days we will run at full power.

Thank you for your patience.

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