Security guide


-The topic of safety is a broad topic, but it will not be an obstacle to our KingdomMarket customer support team to give you the best advice on how to best protect your financial resources.Here is some advice on how to preserve your safety and anonymity.

-We don’t recommend to use standard OS like Windows, iOS Mac or Linux. In case you have no other choice, don’t use the same computer / OS for darknet activities. We highly recommend you to use OS Tails, which is bootable direct from a flash USB and using a persistent storage.

-We do not recommend to approach on a darknet via smartphone.

-Encrypt your sensitive data!

-We recommend to store all sensitive information for the necessary time in order to finalise your trade. After this necessary period: don’t keep any information regarding shipping / packaging / envelopes / shipping labels & don’t keep any information which can be used to detect your or client identity.

-If you are provided a tracking number, we recommend not to track it using common internet services, which you use on a daily basis for daily communication in your household. In the case of detaining your shipment, this will help protect you from personal information. It will be easier to deny the shipment.

-Protect your private PGP keys as if they were your valuables.
As soon as someone obtains your private PGP key, he/she can decrypt your personal messages and we will not be able to provide advice nor assistance. For the reason of your safety, we recommend to change your private PGP keys more often.

-In no circumstances shall use provide your (or anyone else’s) login details, personal data, real names, passwords, PGP keys, bank account numbers which you use in daily life or in the clearnet.
It is the fastest way how you can show law enforcement authorities your doorbell, which no one in their right mind would want.

-In the case of using cryptocurrency, we don’t recommend you to leave your digital currency in crypto exchanges like: Binance, Coinbase, Bittrex.

-For higher security and the storage of your digital financial resources we recommend hardware wallets such as Trezor or Ledger.

-For all transactions we recommend to use Monero, which is more anonymous than BTC or LTC.

-All these instructions are just recommendations and are entirely up to you to follow them.

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