Scammer tactics guide


This Scammer Tactics Guide will take you through the various techniques of scammers, how they scam, how they act and why it is important on Escrow orders to extend the order if the product is not delivered within the auto-finalization time period. The scammer vendors are often scammin selectively buyers who are new in the market, in the darknet world or recently registered. They can become an easy victim because they don`t know what to do

Always pay attention on the shipping detials, how long it can take to be delivered, depending on the origin country and the destination. The buyer can extend every order 48 hrs before the end of the auto-finalization, up to 14 days. The length of the extention can be selected in range from 1 day to 14 days as a maximum.

If after all the time is not enough, every buyer has right to create a dispute. Either to complain about missing order or just to extend the order more.

Please remember on Escrow orders, never let the order be finalized before you get your product into your hands. Always make sure you can extend auto-finalization in time (this option is available two days (48hrs) before the first auto-finalization of the order).

The Escrow system is here to protect the buyer`s funds while the order is on the way to you.

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