New Private Mirrors Are Live


By this day we launched new private mirrors for anybody - vendors or buyers.
It`s available on the main page right above the top offer listings.
You will get 2 your very own mirrors which can be regenerate and this gives you bigger private security.

Last two weeks we hard worked to overcome the impact of the attack. We proved to our community we are able to manage and face such problems in very short time and during the week we brought to life new rotational and private mirrors.

We would like to ask for a favour to share our new link to access to market across all dn community and this way to help us all to get back to the track and continue to grow.

Any time you can start following us for more info and fresh updates on these channels:
Dread is still temporarily unavailable, we all looking forward to have it back online

With love yours

KingdomMarket Team

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