How We Handled The Attack On Our KingdomMarket


In the mid of January a sudden and unexpected (well, technically we expected that not at the time it actually happened) attack on all our onion mirrors. It was shock and too ka while when we realize it is an attack, not really similar to classical DDoS attack.

The point is, how we had gone through all this. We were all the time actively communicating on Telegram Channel and Reddit`s subredit r/kingdomofficial.
We uploaded regurarly all info and fresh updated about the situation.

Meantime our market was accessible through I2P network and all functions were wroking as expected - perfectly. I would love if our loyals will be around and help me tell the world that we did it all together. Without a support from them, from all community who either showed patience and understanding or gave hate speech or really was afraid we are going to exit scam, we couldn`t be complete as a community around the KingdomMarket. Many thanks to all of you.

After a few days we released temporary onion mirrors whcih were burnt on the attack in less than 24 hrs.

After that we tried to help out and educate our Members how to use I2P.
In a week and few more days we have developed our very own rotational system, with rotational onion mirrors.

During this time of developing we decided to prioritize launching of private mirrors, which is working already.

We are here, we proved to community that we mean it and we are trusted partner.

KingdomMarket Team is grateful for this opportuinity to be here and try to make things differently.

With love - keep smiling no matter what KingdomMarket Team.


"Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become."
-Steve Jobs

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