How to access kingdom market


To access Kingdom through rotator with rotating onion mirrors you can use either Firefox or Tor Browser, but I would recommend Tor Browser. It works without JavaScript. > complete the captcha > click on the gererated onion mirror > complete the captcha > enter your credentials to login.

How to turn off the JavaScript on TorBrowser recommended way:

Type about:config in the URL bar in settings. Start typing java and all the java switches will pop up
Turn the following off from "True" -> "False"

javascript.enabled false
javascript.options.asmjs false
javascript.options.baselinejit false
javascript.options.ion false

For those who would like to see the video, there is a way how to watch is "secure".
The app Freetube can be installed on Linux/Win or Android, no login needed, it can be run through Tor proxy (SOCKS5) - Settings > Proxy Settings > Enable Tor/Proxy (turn on) > SOCKS5 > Proxy host > > Proxy Port Number > if you run tor - 9050 / if you run tor browser - 9150.

You can Test the Proxy and see if it works.
Of course loading videos will be much more slower. But still working.

YT link -
Invidious link -

If you feel uncomfortable to watch YT do not watch it.

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