Happy new year 2023


In the first place we would like to thank you all for being tuned with us until the end of year 2022. We have had many tickets and personal message, we got closer to many vendors and buyers, have established good relationships I we value this as one part of professionalism.

It`s time to look back and make some points which we have reached. Many of you could notice various changes in functionality of KingdomMarket. Our main aim was to be accessible 24/7. We succeeded.

After many attempts admins of Dread listed us into the superlist, which we are grateful for this and we see it as an evaluation of our work on KingdomMarket considering it as responsibility to all community.

We perceive the people behind Dread has good will to build truly independent and free community in the dark waters and now we are deeply sorry Dread is not working at the moment. Looking forward to see you on Dread again very soon.

We appreciate all our partners who support us through all year long, as it states below:

Dread : http://dreadytofatroptsdj6io7l3xptbet6onoyno2yv7jicoxknyazubrad.onion/d/KingdomMarket
TorFish: https://tor.fish
DarkDirect: https://dark.direct
TorLink: https://tor.link/site/kingdom-market/info
DarknetPedia: http://dpedia3awwbz6pz73pn4necduovfimlj335q5cux22dcxf4mmjexkqqd.onion/
Darkeye: http://darkeyepxw7cuu2cppnjlgqaav6j42gyt43clcn4vjjf7llfyly5cxid.onion/hs/kingdom-market.html
Deepwebsiteslinks https://www.deepwebsiteslinks.com/
Torhoo : https://torhoo.com/
Naturella: https://naturelwg7o3bhnhwcmn6svzoekxkl3pv365krgmdpckonf5xvarlkid.onion/
VenTor: https://http://ventora666wkeeitp2pvi6e4zowfllpghkkuchbvd5c3gcl4bzbdr3yd.onion/

Thank you!

The one and the big THANKS belong to all our Kingdom`s Members, without you it would be just a normal market, you made it so special and extraordinary.

Let me tell you our plans for next year, 2023. There will be a new updated version of market not only in refreshed design but with many more new features and functionalities (more of them were asked by you). Together we are going to build free and independent community which aleways should be part of the free darkweb.

The KingdomMarket Team wish you all the best in the upcoming new year, wish you strong immune system and clear positive minds. Sending to you virtual hugs and smile :)


You can follow us for more info on:


Out of respect with love!

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