Happy 2nd birthday KingdomMarket!


Just two years ago, on March 21st 2021 has started our story of The KingdomMarket. Yes, today we celebrate exactly two years since the truly independent darknet market was born.

It was two years full of everday great effort and determination of our KingdomMarket Team to bring you genuinely safe and stabile market.

During all this time we faced various everyday challenges which we had to overcome in order to become a trusted player in the darknet scene.

We value every member who joined us even for short time or longterm partenship. We are grateful to all our supportes who stood by us during difficult times and the good times as well.

The least, not last big thank you goes to Dread forum and other our partners and supportes for all you did and still doing, who continue to support us. Without your help we would be stuck somewhere in the darkness alone.

We would like to thank you all our members, buyers and vendors for boing a part of Kingdom`s Family and that you put trust in us. We have learnt a lot thorugh experience, we could move forward and make ourselves better.

And we are still moving forward, as you all can expect in near future a new great upgrade of KingdomMarket. Many tips we have collected from buyers and vendors, who gave us a helpful feedback. This upgrade will bring extensive improvement of the user environment, but also the graphic redesign of the entire KingdomMarket itself. We are all looking forward to this great improved upgrade.

We would be thankful for sharing our channels where you all can find any info and news about KingdomMarket and help us this way to grow together.



In the end a BIG THANK YOU for your valuable support you have given to us during two years on the darknet scene.



With love your KingdomMarket!


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