Dispute guide


Dispute can be opened by pressing the Dispute button if the Order has not been delivered within the auto-finalization time period, if the product has not been of the proclaimed quality or quantity after delivery (physical) or if it was not working (digital) or if you need to wait longer for the Order to be delivered to avoid automatic order finalization (auto-finalization).

By opening the Dispute the auto-finalization will be canceled. In the Dispute chat the Buyer describes his issue regarding the Order, the Vendor reacts to it. Any evidence such files, screenshots or screencasts can be presented if it is needed to help resolve the Dispute.

In the Dispute chat, in the first place, the Buyer and the Vendor should agree on the resolving of the Dispute (refunding or reshipping the Order), if not, then the Moderator decides (the Moderator is entitled to decide) according to the facts or evidence as follows by refunding the Buyer 100%, 50% or releasing funds to the Vendor or confiscating funds in favor of the KingdomMarket.

The Buyer can close the Dispute from his side at anytime.
If one of the Disputer does not get involved into the Dispute within 96 hours of the opening of the Dispute, then then a decision will be made without his presence and probably against him.
Every Disputer should be aware of this.
The Moderator sends a message with a reminder to get involved into the Dispute after 48-hour absence of one of the Disputers.

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