Becoming a vendor on Kingdom Market


Becoming a vendor on Kingdom Market


To become a vendor on Kingdom Market, you must apply for a vendor bond, agree to the rules, and send the required amount of coins to the deposit address. Here are the rules you must follow:


1. Pay a vendor fee of EUR 500.Note that the vendor fee is non-refundable to protect the market from scammers.

2. All sellers must have a PGP key in their profile before starting to sell.

3. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is mandatory for all vendors.

4.Accurately describe your products in your offer.If your listings are completely inaccurate, you will be banned with no warning.

5. All orders will be automatically finalized after 4-14 days.Vendors can set up a time between 4-14 days to finish their physical or digital orders.

6. Vendors who successfully complete over 1500 orders will receive Finalized Early (FE) status.
Vendors may request FE status by contacting the Support Center, but we won't start the FE consideration process without the vendor's previous confirmed positive evaluation (high rating) of their other market trades.

7. If you receive too many scam reports, we may revoke your vendor account at any time.

8. Prostitution, child porn, and murder services are strictly prohibited.

9. Weapons cannot be sold. Any weapons listed will result in removal and immediate vendor ban.

10.Any dox threat will result in an immediate ban.

11.Dealing outside of the market is not permitted. Any vendor caught dealing outside of the market will be banned immediately.


Pay attention to these instructions.

1. Ensure that your physical goods are up to par with the product description and picture.

2. Good wrapping and odorless and neutral packaging is essential.

3. Established vendors may have their vendor bond waived, and requirements are at our discretion. Minimum 500 Sales that can be verified

To get started..

Set up your profile by submitting a brief description of your shop and activities, along with shipping information, refund policy, and more. You can also upload a profile image.


On the same page, you can modify other settings such as your PIN, password, currency, login phrase, and PGP key.

Here's what else you can do:

Check your profile page by clicking on "Profile."

Use the payments settings feature to set up

auto-withdraw to your cold wallet, which works with BTC, LTC, and XMR.

My Offers : displays all your listings, and you



can create a new listing by clicking on "Add."

When creating a listing, you must first select either Standard or Express.
Standard allows for physical or digital products with a delivery time frame, while Express allows for targeting specific locations with a constant delivery time of a maximum of three business days. Please note that non-delivery of goods under these rules will be strictly assessed.


Be sure to submit accurate details regarding each listing, along with a picture as accurate as possible (maximum 3mb size).

The product description field is for product information only, and communication channels such as phone numbers and URLs are forbidden.

Fill out the refund policy accurately, as the more accurate it is, the easier it will be to deal with disputes. If the refund policy is not clearly stated, it might play against you in case of a dispute.

Select the currency, price, stock, origin country, and shipping countries, and tick the "Active" box if you want the listing to appear online in your shop.

You can clone a listing by clicking on clone listing on the edit page, this will redirect you to a new page where you can edit title and price.

All your orders will be displayed under "Order," where you can manage your orders, accept orders, mark them as shipped, and reply to dissputes.

Once an item has been purchased you will be notified

You will get notifications on New orders, Disputes, New Message, order message.


 Review the buyer's address and shipping option and accept the order, this first step will lock the buyers funds in escrow, meaning order can be canceled only through dispute. Its now time to prepare the order and ship it out. We expect vendor to mark order as shipped only once the package actually been shipped, if order was tracked, be ready to provide the tracking number to the buyer from when marked as shipped.

On the order page you will also find a vendor note section, for any personal note ie: Tracking number encrypted with your PGP key, so you can dispose of all traces IRL.

You can also start a conversation directly with the buyer on the order page.

Once order marked as shipped, you will find it in the order tabs

It is now time to withdraw your hard earned coins !

At the top of the main page, you can see all your wallet balances,

Click on the wallet you want to withdraw, and fill the fields with your withdrawal address, amount you want to withdraw and your PIN

Message buyers :

You can start a new conversation with a buyer by clicking on the username on the page order, or click on send message on the buyer's profile page.

Lastest messages will appear at the bottom of the conversation.

You can encrypt your message with the receipient's key by ticking the box “PGP encrypt message” ( this will encrypt the message with your key too, in order to be able to read it again if needed.

Note : Captcha is required to send message, always double check at the bottom of the conversation if your message has been sent !


User Block List:

This feature allows you to see a list of usernames of users you have blocked in the past.


Favorite user List :

this feature allow you to mark and keep a list of your favorite users.

The Notifications : feature sends you message notifications to keep you informed of any changes or updates to your account.


You can activate notifications for Jabber, Telegram, and Signal by entering your username or phone number and clicking the "Active" button.

Be sure to save your settings by clicking the "Save" button.

Notifications give you a complete overview of the changes and movements in your account, ensuring your safety.

If you feel unsafe, we strongly urge you not to use this feature.

Private Links:

Buying a private link has many benefits, including:

Receiving a private link that runs on separate machines dedicated only to private Tor links

Running on separate Tor circuits to decrease the chance of not being able to connect to KingdomMarket

Having faster response times and better uptime, especially for vendors

Eliminating the risk of entering a phishing link

Receiving two links to ensure you can always access KingdomMarket, and the ability to exchange any of these two addresses for free at any time through your profile or link management.

You can purchase your private link through the form at the bottom of this site.

Advertising :

In order to stream more traffic to your shop you may purchase a front page listing !

There is 22 slots on the front page, front page listing cannot be bought if all slots are full.

You can purchase a slot from 1 day to 14 days, you must have balance on the market wallet to purchase a slot.

Congratulation, your listing will now appear on the main page !

Coupon – Discounts

You can set discount of your choices for selected user or for all user, can be used for fidelity purpose or offer and marketing purpose, you will find the coupon option by browsing the vendor tab.

Simply fill the form with your custom code, amount of coupon issued, description of the coupon, discount amount in fiat or %, exp. Date, select if affect only 1 listing, and specific user, save to activate the coupon and share it with desired user.

With love, Kingdom Market !


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